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How to Upcycle a Mirror with Crochet

You will need: Mirrors (or frames), Yarn, Hook, Glue Gun, Tacks or Pins

For Backing (optional): Fabric, Ribbon, Pins, Sewing Machine or Glue Gun 

These wide wooden framed aqua mirrors recently came into my possession, similar to many, many, many mirrors and frames I find in my thrift store hunts.  I decided to try my hand at modernizing them in a new way.  Paint?  Been there.  Collage?  Done that.  Applique?  Ugggghhh.  Crochet? Hmmm…YES!

I have this gorgeous ivory Peruvian wool yarn (Stitch Nation) with amazing texture that I thought would be perfect.  I chose a larger K hook to make bigger stitches and let the aqua frame peek through a bit.  Start with a simple chain, pinning around the inside of the frame as you go for measure.  

Count the number of stitches between each pin or tack.  Join your row (make sure it is not twisted) and remove from the frame.  I crocheted this piece non-stop, without slip stitching/joining each round, but you could do that if you prefer.

Remember how many stitches were in between each pin/tack?  Ok, you need this number (estimate an equal number for all four sides if they are uneven) to make your corners.  Start single crocheting (sc). Once you reach where the tack once was, (sc, ch1, sc) to make a corner.  Do this on all four sides so you have 4 corners.  Sc as many round as your frame is wide, or as wide as you would like to go before switching to a new stitch, making sure to (sc, ch1, sc) in each corner.

I decided to switch to a double crochet (dc) after several rounds.  Don’t forget to (dc, ch1, dc) in the corners!  Once I reached the edge of the frame I completed another two rounds to wrap around the frame edge.  


Voila!  Super modern, textural and pretty enough to go from a minimalist decor  right to a shabby chic cottage.  If you are like me and like unexpected details (one of my favorite things ever is Dolce and Gabbana crazy prints inside their solid  colored coats, LOVE!) then you can add some of that jazz by finishing the back.

I measured a piece of toile cotton fabric, folded over the edges, and pinned to make clean edges.  You can either sew the edges or bust out the glue gun and glue away.  Once the edges are in place, glue to the back of the frame.  If you are scared of a glue gun, like I am, it is worth the occasional burns for this project.  Heat it up!  You’re gonna need it.  Once the fabric is in place, poke a hole for  the hanger.  I took mustard colored ribbon, made a little bow and glued it around the hole.  Pretty!  

Ok so now you have your backing done, pin your crochet piece to the front of the mirror, tucking the first round into the inner part of the frame right up to the mirror.        Get out the glue gun and slowly start gluing the yarn to the frame.  Move SUPER slow, making sure not to do the 1st grader thing and spill glue over everywhere.  Press down each inch at a time until cool (yeah…ow).              

 Once the center is secure, glue a strip from each corner to the outside and press.  Stretch the crochet piece a bit to fit around the sides and began glueing around the outside of the frame.


Outdated, unfinished, thrift store mirrors, here I come!!!

You can purchase this mirror and lots of other upcycled and crochet treasures in  my Etsy shop!

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